An armed man is arrested outside a North Carolina polling place.

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department said they arrested an armed man Tuesday who returned to a polling place after being banned from the site earlier in the day.

The man, who was wearing a Trump hat, combat boots and a visible sidearm, unnerved Democrats who were gathered for a rally near the polling site, at the Oasis Shrine Temple in Charlotte, N.C. The mayor of Charlotte, Vi Alexander Lyles, and Representative Alma Adams were among those attending the rally.

The police identified the man as Justin Dunn, 36. They said in a statement that he voted at the site but “continued to loiter” afterward, prompting a call to the police “regarding Dunn possibly intimidating other voters.”

Mr. Dunn was asked to leave by a supervisor at the polling place and was banned from returning, the police said. He left but later returned and was arrested and charged with second-degree trespassing. Openly carrying a firearm is legal in North Carolina.

“There was no civic purpose for this guy to be walking around open-carrying a weapon in a heavy voting precinct on Election Day,” said Sam Spencer, a senior adviser to Ms. Adams’s campaign. “Clearly this sort of voter intimidation goes against everything that our country stands for, and we should be spending all of our energy helping people vote, not making polling places more threatening and more daunting than they already can be.”

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