Wonder Academy preschool to close after landlord sells to developer

Parents with kids attending The Wonder Academy in downtown Denver recently learned the childcare facility will permanently close on July 28.

“Early last week, the owner sent a message to all the parents, I think she had received news very shortly before she sent it to us, that the landlord had decided to sell the property to a developer. And therefore, we were being given notice to vacate the facility,” said Philippe Carpin, a parent of two children who attend The Wonder Academy.

Carpin said the owner was told to vacate the property within 30 days but was able to get an extension until the end of July.

“Very upset. Very upset. It takes a lot of effort, you know, to get into a daycare… so upset and sadness for the entire staff, you know. There’s about 30 people that work here. They’re all being affected,” Carpin said.

Many parents said they were on the waiting list for about a year before being able to secure a spot for their child.

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