Jeffco Public Schools hires former Douglas County School District superintendent Corey Wise

Jeffco Public Schools has temporarily hired Corey Wise, the superintendent fired by the school board in nearby Douglas County School District earlier this month.

Wise has joined the district as a community superintendent for the remainder of the school year. The person who previously held the job was recently hired as Jeffco Public School’s chief of schools, said spokeswoman Maggie Wells in an email.

“We are fortunate to have an experienced leader joining the team to provide support to our schools and principals during a time of transition,” she said in the statement.

Douglas County School District’s Board of Education fired Wise without cause during a dramatic meeting on Feb. 4.

The board was deeply divided in the vote to terminate Wise’s contract two years before it was set to expire in 2024, but the four newly-elected directors who have majority said they wanted to take the district in a new direction and did not feel supported by the then-superintendent.

Douglas County school board is now searching for a new person to lead the district, which members hope will bring stability to the district after weeks of protests and allegations of open-meeting laws violations.

Wise, who has worked in Douglas County School District for more than two decades, served as its interim superintendent for six months before he was chosen to take on the job full-time in April.

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