The Times’ Choire Sicha Is Heading to New York Magazine

Choire Sicha may have just been given a new job at The New York Times, but it appears he got an even better one from New York Magazine.

The longtime Styles editor has been tapped as editor at large of the Vox-owned publication, it was revealed Monday by editor in chief David Haskell. There he’ll write short-form pieces for Intelligencer, the magazine’s news and politics vertical, along with longer essays and critical pieces, as well as focusing on special projects.

“Whenever Choire writes anything, you stop what you’re doing and read it — this has been true for pretty much his entire career,” Haskell said. “And so I am particularly happy that he is coming here as both a writer and editor. I’ve also thought that New York was the natural home for Choire for at least a decade, and it’s very exciting that he agrees.”

It was only in April that The Times revealed that Sicha was stepping down as editor of The New York Times’ Styles desk after nearly four years to take on a new senior editor role in the group’s newsletter division as it looks to compete with the like of Substack. It’s yet to name his successor on the Styles desk.

“Newsletters are the internet’s oldest and newest format, and there is no one better than Choire to help us think through how to use them to form deeper connections with our readers and showcase new voices in ways that meaningfully expand and evolve Times journalism,” it said in a note posted on its web site in April.

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At the time, the apparently sudden change without a successor in place raised several eyebrows, with many speculating what may have happened behind the scenes. The Daily Beast previously reported that there was both masthead-level dissatisfaction with his management style, as well as discontent from him, although The Times denied this was the case.

Of his departure, Sam Dolnick, an assistant managing editor at The Times, said: “Choire makes every room he’s in sharper, savvier and funnier. He’s a compassionate and generous colleague, and I’m thrilled we had him in our orbit these past few years. We’ll miss him at The Times, but we’ll avidly devour whatever he does next at New York.”

Prior to The Times, Sicha worked at Vox Media as executive director of partner development, and co-founded The Awl network of websites. He was a senior editor at the New York Observer and editor in chief of Gawker, before becoming the company’s editorial director.



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