Customers furious as another outage hits Kiwibank

Customers have taken to social media to express their frustration at yet another Kiwibank outage.

This comes off the back of a series of outages over the last month, amid spate of cyber attacks on major New Zealand websites.

The bank confirmed the latest outage this morning on social media, but did not go into details on the cause of the problem.

“Kia ora koutou. We’re aware customers are currently unable to access our app and internet banking,” the bank said in a statement.

“We have a team working on this. We apologise for the disruption and really appreciate your patience while we work to get this sorted.”

Many customers commenting beneath the social media post questioned why the bank was still having so many problems.

Others also threatened to leave the bank due to ongoing issues.

The problems with online banking have left some customers unable to make payments at a time when Auckland remains in level 3 lockdown conditions.

One customer contacted the Herald saying he had to pay late fees on his power and gas bill on account of having missed payment amid the numerous outages.

Other customers have also expressed similar complaints about not being able to pay their bills on time.

Kiwibank isn’t the only organisation to have been hit by IT problems over the last month.

Earlier in September, cyber attacks took Kiwibank, ANZ, NZ Post and MetService offline.

Cert NZ confirmed at the time it was aware of a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) targeting a number of New Zealand organisations.

It is unclear at this stage if the latest issues facing Kiwibank are again related to DDoS attack.

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