Opinion | Trump and the Paris Climate Accord

To the Editor:

Re “U.S. Is Officially Out of Paris Climate Accord That Trump Quit 3 Years Ago” (news article, Nov. 4):

By withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, President Trump added one more reckless decision to his extensive record. While it indeed shouldn’t mean that the United States won’t commit to tackling climate change, the Trump administration has clearly demonstrated that it’s far from being a priority.

As concerning as it is, four more years of Donald Trump will mean no substantial response to global warming. By now, most world leaders have pledged to do something for the environment.

Climate change is not an issue affecting just one country or the other; as time passes, we can see the negative consequences that years of mishandling earth resources are having on all of us. The Paris climate agreement is not “job-killing,” despite what President Trump claimed, but rather an effort to tackle an issue that is far more real than he’ll ever understand.

Laura Varon
Bergenfield, N.J.

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