Opinion | The Times’s Indictment of President Trump

To the Editor:

“End Our National Crisis” (editorial, Sunday Review, Oct. 18) echoes the Declaration of Independence, our country’s founding document, in style, form and substance. It offers a clear statement of purpose; a call to our past; a list of grievances; and a solution. This time, however, we are called on to vote, not take up arms to defend our right to self-government.

Your unwavering, cogent and patriotic argument to vote President Trump out of office should inspire all of us to stand up for ourselves and save ourselves, once again.

Jane Gee
Jenkintown, Pa.

To the Editor:

I hear many people say “we are better than this.” Not true. The N.F.L. coach Bill Parcells said, “You are what your record says you are.” Donald Trump’s America is what we are today. He has the support of over 40 percent of our people. We need to vote this disgraceful individual out of office, but then we need to reflect on what type of country we are and want to become.

Brad Mazarin
Bloomfield, N.J.

To the Editor:

This is how Donald Trump won in 2016: wall-to-wall Trump coverage. This week’s Sunday Review is all Trump and nothing Biden. Exactly what Mr. Trump wants, any coverage at all, good or bad.

I do recognize that The Times provided in-depth articles about Joe Biden in the main news section and that the Sunday Review about Mr. Trump was brutally honest (well done!). Yet having the side-by-side comparisons of Mr. Trump vs. Mr. Biden would possibly have provided a better strategy to persuade those voters still on the fence to vote Biden-Harris.

Most mainstream print and television media have yet to learn that the never-ending stream of Trump coverage rallies his supporters regardless of the tone or focus of the coverage. If the tone is negative Mr. Trump’s base rallies in defense; if the tone is positive, the base smugly reckons how right they are.

Douglas Cowgill
Fort Lee, N.J.

To the Editor:

Donald Trump is not a good politician. He occasionally misspeaks or is too blunt and unpresidential. I’ll be 69 years old in January and never imagined we’d have such a president in my lifetime. In 2016, I decided to take a chance because Mr. Trump was not part of the “establishment” and I felt we had nothing to lose. The past few administrations have been disappointing and less than totally honest with the people.

I find that Mr. Trump honestly connects with us the people more than any other president since Ronald Reagan. He has done much that was beneficial for the country, with little positive coverage from the media and despite considerable obstruction. When he speaks, he speaks to us, not over our heads in platitudes or political speak. He produces results and runs the country well.

There is nobody like him on the ballot or on the horizon. He is exactly what our country needs at this moment in our history. I (along with the vast majority of Americans) hope and pray for the betterment of every single person of every race, color or creed in our country.

I am voting for Donald Trump in person on Nov. 3.

John L. Schilling
Harrisburg, Pa.

To the Editor:

Your editorial board package on Sunday gave me goose bumps of pride and gratitude. Talk about the Fourth Estate doing its job! It may not open one mind or heart, but you sure are trying.

Jodie Goldberg
Louisville, Ky.

To the Editor:

After devoting an entire section of the Sunday Times to bashing Donald Trump, much of it justifiable, I think it only appropriate for the newspaper to be fair and balanced to devote next week’s section to articles by those who have a different point of view.

Mendy Kwestel
Fair Lawn, N.J.

To the Editor:

You provide a scathing assessment of the Trump presidency. Even viewed from the relative safety of Australia, your assessment is terrifyingly accurate! The world was shocked by Donald Trump’s election in 2016 and has looked on with increasing anxiety as the predictably chaotic course of his presidency has unfolded. The blatant lies, corruption and incompetence have been evident from Day 1, but the power of his allies in Fox News and his privileged power base have tried to mask this unfolding tragedy.

The world needs a strong and rational United States of America to lead it against the myriad challenges we currently face. Please, please deliver us from this nightmare and consign Mr. Trump and his mega-rich cronies to the backwaters of history!

Tony Priestley
Melbourne, Australia

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