Opinion | British M.P.s: The World Should Stand With Hong Kong

To the Editor:

“Hong Kong Is China, Like It or Not,” by Regina Ip (Op-Ed, nytimes.com, Oct. 1), ignores the brutal reality of what is happening in Hong Kong. The inconvenient truth for Ms. Ip, a member of the Hong Kong Executive Council, is that Hong Kong is a legally autonomous region within which human rights abuses are rife.

Nothing can excuse the brutality perpetrated by the Hong Kong police; the arrests made of peaceful protesters; the stripping of basic freedoms and overt human rights abuse.

Nobody forced the authorities to act this way; these acts were voluntarily perpetrated for political and dictatorial gain.

These abhorrent and selfish acts must be countered by the imposition by governments around the world of sanctions on senior officials in Hong Kong. We hold Hong Kong accountable to the standards that prevail in Western countries because those are the standards that Hong Kong residents have a right to expect under the Chinese-British Joint Declaration.

We in the British Parliament stand with Hong Kong, and we call on the international community to do likewise.

Alistair Carmichael
Natalie Bennett
Andrew Bowie
David Alton
Stewart McDonald
The writers are members of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hong Kong.

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