Opinion | Biden’s Measured Approach Is a Relief

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To the Editor:

Re “Beneath Folksy Demeanor, a Deliberative Biden” (front page, May 15):

I was elated to read that President Biden thinks deeply and long about important decisions. It is such a relief to hear this, especially after the last occupant ignorantly made false statements and undertook rash actions (like withdrawing from the Paris climate accord) without having any grasp of the details of the situation or the consequences of his actions.

One can only hope that Mr. Biden’s thorough deliberations can undo the mess of the last four years.

Darian Qureshi
Tucson, Ariz.

Why a Book Ban Is Ultimately Futile

To the Editor:

Re “Book Bans Don’t Keep Kids Safe” (Opinion guest essay, May 12):

I agree with Carmen Maria Machado’s essay about the banning of her book in Leander, Texas, high school classrooms. A youngster will eventually move out of her parents’ cocoon, and the earlier she learns the way of the world the better.

Ms. Machado’s book, “In the Dream House,” a memoir of an abusive gay relationship, is on my top 10 reading list.

Mathilde Diaz
Long Island City, Queens

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