Who Will Be The Most Competitive Team In The Southeast Division?

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I will never forget when two seasons ago, I saw the Atlanta Hawks playing in the playoffs and noticed their star player Jeff Teague. He caught my eye immediately and I knew he was a star. A year later, he led his Atlanta Hawks all the way to the Conference Finals. Will this Hawks team sans DeMarre Carroll give the Miami Heat the most fight in the division? Let’s take a look at some of the other teams, starting with the Orlando Magic:

4. Orlando Magic

The Orlando Magic is the new young up-and-coming team. There are only three players currently on the roster that have played in the league longer than five years: forward Channing Frye, forward/center Jason Smith, and guard C.J. Watson. Orlando is clearly trying to build a team from the ground up and banking on some young players to grow into their potential. Then, hopefully gain other players to accent their style. Look to our once coveted guard Napier to take over and establish a firm foundation with their rookie guard/forward Mario Hezonja. This team, however, will take time to become a force to be reckoned with, and they won’t be a threat this season.

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