Projecting the Final Eastern Conference Standings

Mark L. Baer | USA TODAY Sports

This year, the Miami Heat will be trying to replicate what only a couple teams in the past have done: become a top team in the respective conference following a season where they found themselves out of the playoffs. With the new weapons and the regained health, it seems very possible for the Heat to do just that.

So, with that being said, where do the Heat rank among the top 10 in the Eastern Conference? We rank the top 10 in the East, starting with number 10:

#10: Boston Celtics

While there are only 8 teams that make the playoffs in the East, I thought it’d be best to include the 2 others that I believe miss out on the playoffs. The Celtics are one of those teams I believe barely miss out on the playoffs. Isaiah Thomas continues to get better as he matures, but I just believe there is too much of a logjam at each position and not enough star power. They are a young team who still need time to develop chemistry.

Make no mistake, the Eastern Conference is continuing to get tougher. Some teams that made the playoffs last year will have to step aside to allow other teams that are on the rise into the postseason.

The Celtics are one of those teams.

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