Likelihood Of LaMarcus Aldridge Coming To Miami?

Steve Dykes | USA TODAY Sports

LaMarcus Aldridge, the most coveted free agent this off-season, has been drawing much attention from teams that are in need of a high caliber big man. Surprisingly, the Heat, who aren’t in need of a PF, have contacted Aldridge to see if he would be interested in joining the Heat:

Now, we don’t know how serious the team is about acquiring Aldridge, but Riley decided to fly out yesterday to Los Angeles to discuss it with LaMarcus:

As I said, definitely surprising news to hear that Riley is so adamant about meeting with Aldridge. We barely have enough cap room to sign Wade, so obviously, either Bosh or Whiteside would have to be involved in the trade. Barry Jackson from the Miami Herald thought of a hypothetical trade where it would workout for both teams salary wise:

Those salary fillers would most likely include some combination of Chalmers, McRoberts, and Chris Andersen.

Let’s just assume for a second that all parties would engage in this trade. The lineup would consist of Dragic, Wade, Winslow, Aldridge, and Bosh. That lineup would get anyone excited for a championship run.

Marc Stein from ESPN had more information on how the meeting went last night:

I don’t want to get everyone too excited at this point as we don’t know exactly how LaMarcus feels about playing in Miami. Still, as Stein noted, Riley is one of the best at drawing interest from free agents and if there is any indication that LaMarcus is interested in playing for the Heat, then we might see Riley and Elisburg submitting a huge offer to Portland in a sign-and-trade deal.