5 Trades the Heat Should Consider Engaging In

With the 2015 NBA Draft concluded and the start of free agency closing in on us, teams are beginning to get an idea of what their team will look like next year. The Miami Heat have started off in the right direction with the draft picks of Justise Winslow and Josh Richardson. It was a complete shock that Winslow fell that far, but it had to be considered the best pick in the draft value wise. Richardson is a very good shooter who has a lot of upside. He will most likely start in the D-League, but has the potential to be a key piece later in the future.

Needless to say, Heat fans must be excited for next season already. The problem for Miami will be retaining Dragic, Wade, and Deng. Do we have the cap space for them? Do we still want to keep all of them?

These questions will be answered in due time, but I thought for now, I would come up with 5 hypothetical trades that would benefit the Heat next season and beyond.

(Keep in mind, all of these trades are hypothetical and might not work once the Heat begin signing free agents)

5. Jordan Clarkson could be accessible now

Miami Heat Receive:

Jordan Clarkson

Los Angeles Lakers Receive:

James Ennis & 1 Future 2nd round pick

Jordan Clarkson had a very promising season last year and is looking to only improve on that fact. Clarkson hasn’t been involved in any trade rumors and rightfully so, until last night. The Lakers selected D’Angelo Russell with the 2nd overall pick in this year’s draft to cause some confusion with the Lakers rotation. Sure, Russell can be the shooting guard of the future, but for now you have Kobe. The goal would be to have Russell or Clarkson start at the point alongside Kobe for the final years of Bryant’s career to try to get him another ring.

Those that would say that Kobe could play the small forward position with Russell and Clarkson heading up the backcourt are just wrong. Kobe can’t guard an opposing small forward. He has to play at the two if the Lakers have any chance of being successful. They will most likely acquire a solid small forward in free agency leaving either Russell or Clarkson as expendable. Who do you think they would be willing to trade now?

James Ennis had a fantastic year for the Heat. He was extremely fun to watch and was seen as one of the lone bright spots out of the Heat’s regular season last year. The Heat should look to see what they could get for him now. I know, fans of the team won’t agree, but you have to see what you can get for him considering you have your small forward for the future in Justise Winslow. If packaging a future 2nd rounder (maybe in 2020 or so) and Ennis could get you Clarkson in return, then that is definitely a trade worth seeking.

On the next page, you’ll see the fourth trade the Heat could engage in!

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  • salvaguanaco

    It will be a total disaster for Miami Heat. They will lose their identity as team… I support Chris Andersen, Mario Chalmers, it is not about championship only, it is about loyalti